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WACi XL— Violet Tulip Cabana Stripes

WACi XL— Violet Tulip Cabana Stripes

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Stripes are forever. As is this compact durable towel, ready for any and every adventure; to the gym, on your yoga mat, beach-side, pool-side, mountain-side, lake-side, any one of your many sides. Jet setter? Throw this in your carry-on, it surely won't take up much room.


  • 40" wide x 70" high, packs down to 9" high x 4" with a elastic snap wrap 
  • Unique lightweight microfiber technology
  • Quick absorbing
  • Fast drying
  • Incredibly soft, yet durable
  • Reversible, cabana stripes on both sides
  • Reinforced over-edge stitching 
  • Machine wash, hang dry with convenient hanger loop
  • Save energy by not filling your laundry with traditional heavy terry towels

    Designed in Canada.