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Our Story

Our family has been developing and marketing beach towels of all kinds for over 20 years, and when we discovered this genius fabric we knew we had something special. While researching the market, we noticed this type of towel was only available at specialty retailers and online for very high prices. After finding an excellent supply partner we realized we could offer way better value and stylish designs as well.

We like to talk about starting the “Towel Revolution” because of the great potential of this new technology… Uber-compact, very absorbent, super-fast drying and sand resistant. Our towels make sense for so many activities and even everyday use. Why carry big, bulky, slow-drying towels when you can enjoy the convenience and freedom of Waci towels?!

Waci towels are a solution to a problem… A Smart Towel! They save huge amounts of water and energy by not requiring the same laundering as traditional towels. The production process is far more friendly to our environment as well.

What started back in 2014 as a side project has grown quickly. Today Waci continues to demonstrate its significance as a leading lifestyle brand which has started the Towel Revolution!

Get sun, get fit, get sandy, get wet, getwaci.com