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Customer Reviews 


"I have used your towel during various endeavors: Putting on roof shingles in 95 degree heat, working out at the gym, and most recently, working as a Wildland Firefighter fighting fire in Yosemite where temperatures ranged from 89-105 depending on elevation.

Soaks up sweat immediately, Seems to have a lot of capacity before feeling damp, Washes up nicely even after being soiled with soot and ash., Good size" 


I took this towel with me on a trip to the Mayan Riviera as I planned on snorkeling during my trip. I liked the fact that it rolls up very compact, about the same as my water bottle and packed nicely into my backpack. When it was wet I was able to wring it out to remove most of the water and afterward it dries quickly. I also used it on the poolside lounge chairs instead of the bulky hotel towels. My sister was envious. I would definitely recommend this product."


"Best towel I've ever owned! Compact, nice colors, rolls small and absorbs well. I bought these originally on a trip overseas but now use them for the pool, beach or anywhere I need a towel. They are so compact and durable. I've washed them maybe 100 times already and they are good as new!